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How Our Shop Optimize Performance and Avoid Frustrating Failures in Daily Operations

Updated: Mar 20

K&A Precision Inc. has been working diligently this quarter to review our quality documents and ensure equipment calibration. We are ready to ramp up for 2024 and serve you with even greater precision and efficiency. We've experienced increased demand from our medical and defense customers, as well as numerous prototype and re-design projects from various sectors.

In light of the past two challenging years in the economy, we deeply appreciate the support from our customers. Your trust in our services has enabled us to overcome obstacles and continue delivering exceptional results.

Updated CMM and Quality Documents

We understand the criticality of maintaining up-to-date CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) capabilities and quality documentation. Our team has prioritized these areas to ensure accurate measurements and adherence to industry standards.

fremont machine shop CMM Calbiration

Preventative Maintanence Planning

Preventative maintenance (PM) is crucial for our CNC machinery maintanence schedule. It's like taking your car in for regular oil changes and tune-ups - it keeps things running smoothly and avoids major breakdowns down the road.

  • Extended machine life: Proper care keeps our CNC machines in top shape, allowing them to operate for a longer period.

  • Improved performance: Regularly maintained machines tend to run more efficiently and accurately, leading to better quality parts and increased output.

  • Lower costs: Proactive maintenance is typically cheaper than reactive repairs. Addressing minor problems early on prevents the need for expensive replacements and fixes later.

  • Reduced downtime: By catching small issues before they snowball into big problems, we can minimize unexpected equipment failures that halt production.

Schedule Training

In the workplace, cross-training involves teaching employees who were hired to do one job function the skills they need to perform other job functions.

Sudden resignations. Sick leave. Long-term disability. Sabbaticals.

As a family owned and operated machine shop, there will inevitably types of unforeseeable circumstances. Our human resource management strategy includes cross-training employees, organizations are better prepared to fill gaps quickly, stabilize workflow and productivity, and protect the bottom line—even in the face of unexpected workforce shortages.

Commitment to Excellence

At K&A Precision Inc., we remain dedicated to providing you with the highest quality machining services. Our skilled team continuously hones their expertise and leverages the latest technology to deliver precision craftsmanship on every project.

Contact Us

For any inquiries or to discuss your upcoming machining projects, we're here to assist you. Get in touch with our friendly team today.


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