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CMM Inspection


Inspecting parts is integral to K&A Precision Inc.’s operations. As an ISO 9001 compliant manufacturing facility servicing the automotive, semiconductor, medical, robotics and several other sectors we know quality can never take second place. K&A Precision Inc uses its quality control procedures and advanced equipment to perform all kinds of complex inspections on parts. We can do the same for you too.

We often use our Brown and Sharp CMM to control production, undertake capability studies, and sort parts. We have the expertise on hand to quickly program an inspection plan, or design a sort, to measure the most complex geometries to high precision on small or large parts. Our high experienced staff can choose from a variety of probe sizes, scan options, and approach directions to ensure the feature of interest is measured. We have a huge collection of fixtures and mounting options to ensure the part is stable during measurement and we have the trained operators to process parts continuously for days at a time if needed. We can ensure the temperature is controlled, soft handling and corrosion protection so that parts are measured precisely, accurately, reliably and then re-packaged to maintain good condition.

For more information about our CMM and inspection services, see the table below or contact us directly.

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